In the dynamic landscape of Australia’s commercial real estate market, it is essential for property owners and managers to safeguard their investments and protect themselves from potential risks. Commercial Strata Insurance provides comprehensive coverage for commercial properties, offering unique advantages and tailored protection. Let’s explore what sets this type of insurance apart and why it is crucial for businesses in Australia.

What is Commercial Strata Insurance?

Commercial Strata Insurance is specifically designed to cater to the insurance needs of commercial property owners and managers. It offers comprehensive coverage for a range of risks that can affect commercial buildings, including offices, retail spaces, industrial complexes, and mixed-use properties.

Types of Commercial Strata Insurance

Commercial Strata Insurance policies typically offer coverage for various factors and aspects of an insured property, including:

  • Building and Common Contents – any equipment or items that are in common areas for which the owners’ corporation is responsible. This can also cover loss of rent.
  • Public Liability – If people are injured on common property.
  • ​Personal Accident for Voluntary Workers – compensation to any person injured while carrying out voluntary works on behalf of the owners’ corporation.
  • Office Bearer’s Liability – For office bearers if a claim arising from wrongful acts by the office bearers
  • Fidelity Guarantee – Loss arising from misappropriation of funds belong to the owners’ corporation.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown- Physical damage to machinery or electrical items cause by breakdown – for example: common lifts, or air conditioners.

Take Action and Protect Your Investment

Don’t leave your commercial property vulnerable to risks and uncertainties. Take action today by exploring Commercial Strata Insurance options and finding the right protection for your investment. Contact our experienced team on 1300 475 140 to learn more about how Commercial Strata Insurance can safeguard your property, enhance risk management practices, and provide you with peace of mind.